Life Cycle of a Chicken Worksheet

Chickens are very useful birds, let us learn more about these birds with the life cycle of a chicken worksheet. This is an engaging worksheet which also tells you a small story about the life cycle of a chicken.

There was a chicken by name penny, and penny lived on a farm. One day, penny laid an egg. She knew that she had to keep the egg warm, in order for it to hatch. So she sat on the egg every day and night, she only got up to have a quick drink and a bite to eat. She waited 1 week and then she waited 2 weeks, but still the egg did not hatch. So she waited and waited, and after 21 days later Penny heard a soft chirping sound.

Then she saw the chick made a tiny crack on the egg, the tiny crack grew bigger and finally the chick came out. First the chick was a wet ball of fluff and then it became fuzzy and yellow.


Life Cycle of a Chicken Worksheet

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