Letter A Activities for Preschool

Our letter A activities for preschool is a wonderful worksheet for your child to learn the phonics with a lot of fun. First with the help of our free preschool coloring pages your child can recognize letters by the objects given and few letters by sound. You can help your child to combine individual letters sound together to form a word. Help your child to recognize letters in the correct sequence.

Say the word out loud and ask your child to break it down into its individual sounds and read. For example: Ant can be divided like this A, N, T. Next comes a very interesting part of identification of the objects and coloring it. As the kids are new to the words and the objects, speak aloud the names of each item and explain them to your kids. Use the sample image on the top right corner and ask your child to pick the colors and guide them to color the pictures on their own. This is a fun letter A activities for preschool kids, it is equipped with multiple skills for your young ones. The alphabet coloring pages are carefully designed and quality checked by experts to make the learning process simple and effective.


Letter A Activities for Preschool

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