Free Personality Tests for Kids

This Free Personality Tests for Kids is been used many times by teachers and even parents and proven to be very helpful, it is very simple and assists the children to identify their and their friend's personality.


1. Recognize qualities of the 4 basic personality types.

2. Describe why effective groups are usually made up of many different personality types.

3. Explain approaches to diffuse personality clashes in the group.


Pre Instructions:

1. Inform the students to circle a word or a phrase per line in the Personality Test page which closely describes her or him.

2. When they have finished that page, ask them to circle the related colors from the Tally Sheet.

-For instance: if your student marked sensitive on the line 1 in test page, he/she should mark blue in the tally sheet.

3. After completing the tally, students have to total the colors individually.

Post Instructions:

1. Inform the class to raise their hands when they are a dominating red; next yellow; then green; after that blue.

- Describe to the students that they might also have multiple dominate color. If in case the colors tie, they could raise their hands 2 or 3 times (despite the fact that a 3 way tie is very rare).

2. Review * descriptions from the four basic personality types (see the below chart):

Please download the below printable Personality Tests for Kids and share it with the students

Personality Tests for Kids 

Post Activity Conversation Queries:

Why may multiple red personality types within a group result in conflict 

 Why Do you consider yellow personality types require a red or a green group member to help keep them on track 

 How will you recognize blue personality types within a group 

 Why would you ask the quiet students of a group for his or her ideas 

 Exactly what do green personality types may add to groups.

 Why it is essential to possess a number of personality types within one group 

Few thoughts:

 - Students: In the event you perceive an individual being bossy or even a me-me-me person, simply tell yourself its okay he or she is merely a red personality.

- Teachers: in the event you see certain students overly talkative and annoyingly chatty, simply remind yourself that they're most likely yellow personalities and therefore are developed to interact socially.  Just tell those students "uh hmmm, I can see your yellow". They know very well what I'm trying to say and they definitely will quiet down rather than being insulted :)

- Teachers: make sure to incorporate your blue individuals in conversations, etc., since your yellow and red students will most likely overpower them.

- Teachers: keep in mind that your green individuals are excellent teacher helpers/assistants.  I usually suggest to them the way to work the projector, etc. in case they need to use a sub.

Please download the below Free Personality Tests for Kids and share it with the students

Free Personality Tests for Kids

Please download the below Printable Color Personality Test and share it with the students

Printable Color Personality Test

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